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June 4, 2022 - Nonprofit's Public Healing Arts

June 03, 2022 Michael Hemphill, Creator of Buzz Season 1 Episode 16
Buzz4Good! Nonprofits + Marketing
June 4, 2022 - Nonprofit's Public Healing Arts
Show Notes

It can be challenging enough for someone to create an artistic experience. It's something else entirely to secure the marketing and funding support to get the art in the public eye.

In today's show, BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill visits the Taubman Museum to learn about its "Healing Ceiling Tiles" project, which will be featured in an upcoming episode of BUZZ on PBS.

And he attends the Roanoke Arts Commission's announcement of the first ever ART MATTERS award recipients, which provide $3,000 grants to the following public art initiatives:

  • Charlie Brouwer | The Benediction Project
  • Brian Counihan | Daisy Chain World Art Parade
  • Bryan Hancock | National Youth Poet Laureate Program
  • Toya Jones | Back to Black Art Show
  • Heather Marshall | Youth Art Workshops /Oliver Hill Justice Center Waiting Room Art
  • Jane Gabrielle McCadden | The Singing Tree Project
  • Kathryn Schnabel | Artist Workshops for Sustained Engagement
  • Katie Trozzo & Joy Truskowski | Singing Circles
  • John Woodrum | I Heart Southeast Sculpture Project
  • Lynsey Wyatt | Queer Your Aerial Arts and Activism Project 

Are you a nonprofit with an event that we could help promote? Or a marketing problem we could help fix? Contact us and we’ll share on an upcoming episode.

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